How much does Uber car ride cost in Russia ?

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      Price of a Uber in Russia: how much will my race cost ?
      The UBER concept is simple in Russia: you order from your smartphone a kind of taxi, and it is the nearest free car that will be sent to you.
      The idea is to reduce wait times by focusing on proximity with the customer who places orders in Russia.
      In addition to this innovation, Uber is also relying on a "First Class" service to distinguish itself from traditional taxis in Russia

      Here are the basic prices of an Uber ride:
      The cost of your trip is broken down as follows:

      How is the price calculated?
      The flat rate offered during your reservation request on uber in Russia remains calculated according to the time and the distance, integrating the dynamic pricing in force at the time of your reservation.
      It takes into account historical data from races and similar traffic conditions in Russia.
      Your Uber fare is calculated on 4 criteria in Russia:
      - Base fare
      - Cost per minute
      - Cost per mile
      - Booking Fee (Formerly known as the ‘Safe Rides Fee’)

      How much does a Uber car Typically cost in Russia ?

      Country Service Initial Fare Fare per Mile Service Cost
      Uber Russia UberX 50.00 RUB 8.00 RUB 8.00 RUB
      Uber Russia UberSELECT 149.00 RUB 10.00 RUB 10.00 RUB
      Uber Russia UberBLACK 199.00 RUB 15.00 RUB 15.00 RUB

      * - This is an estimated fare for Uber service in Russia.
      We're not affiliated with Uber ®. But our Uber estimator gives you real-time car fare estimates
      Please contact us at if any Uber prices changed in Russia so we can verify and modify it.

      Important :
      Difficult to estimate the price of a Uber race: as for taxis, the price is only known at the end of the race.
      To help you choose, Taxi-Allo offers you this tool that allows to estimate the price of Uber in Russia before departure. Good choice, and good road!

      The price is calculated according to the Uber scale in Russia, according to the distance and the estimated time for the journey in normal traffic conditions.
      The Uber multiplier in Russia chosen from the drop-down menu is applied to the base price, just as Uber does when the demand is high in Russia.

      Uber car fare in Russia